Xin chào, I'm Quynh – your go-to bubbly introvert and a UI/UX ninja with a background in graphic design. 🎨 Imagine me as that friend who's always up for a chat, but might also sneak in a dad joke or two – yep, that's me!

I'm all about creating visual magic and telling stories that stick. Think digital Picasso meets tech enthusiast with a splash of quirkiness. Creativity, to me, is like making a sandwich – gather bits from everywhere, add your own aesthetic, and voilà!

Tech and I? BFFs, especially in the wild world of UI/UX. I'm on a mission to unravel its mysteries while keeping it lighthearted.

As an immigrant, I used to stress about expressing ideas, but who needs words when you've got colors and pixels, right? I'm here to bridge gaps, celebrate differences, and make design projects feel like a cool, inclusive party.

When I'm not cooking up design masterpieces, catch me exploring the world through my lens in some random countries, that is how I connect my world with the world.

Part-time traveller

A new journey gives me a new story. My dream is to travel and take photos around the world.

Not-bad photographer

I have an Unsplash account with more than 50k views every day. The feeling of knowing that my photos are being used for someone’s project is really excited!.

Paper Book Reader

My ideal Sunday is laying on bed to finish a book. I was growing up being a Potterhead ( I can finish 7 books within a day!), building a reading habit since then. I used to work for a book-coffee shop because of their huge, great book collection! And yes, I prefer paper, old school books 😀

Enthusiastic foodie

 Good food brings good mood 😉

Let's talk!

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