Xin chào, I’m Quynh – your go-to bubbly introvert and a UI/UX ninja with a background in graphic design. 🎨 Imagine me as that friend who’s always up for a chat, but might also sneak in a dad joke or two – yep, that’s me!

I’m all about creating visual magic and telling stories that stick. Think digital Picasso meets tech enthusiast with a splash of quirkiness. Creativity, to me, is like making a sandwich – gather bits from everywhere, add your own aesthetic, and voilà!

Tech and I? BFFs, especially in the wild world of UI/UX. I’m on a mission to unravel its mysteries while keeping it lighthearted.

As an immigrant, I used to stress about expressing ideas, but who needs words when you’ve got colors and pixels, right? I’m here to bridge gaps, celebrate differences, and make design projects feel like a cool, inclusive party.

When I’m not cooking up design masterpieces, catch me exploring the world through my lens in some random countries, that is how I connect my world with the world.

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