Here’s Quynh

I’m a talkative introvert 😉

I care about the deep connection created from good stories, and visual art is the medium I use to help myself and people share meaningful stories.

Creativity to me is to get inspiration from everything, even the minor detail, then mould it into a new, distinguished concept with my own aesthetic.

I love art, and I’m also passionate about technology, especially digital software. I’m curious about how technology is shaping our society and our behaviours, and be intrigued to see the transformation of art in the digital era.

As an immigrant, I was self-doubt about my ability to articulate my ideas as language is a big barrier. Then I realized, communication is not limited to words, there are so many visualized mediums that I can use to send the message. To connect with people from different countries, ethnicity, gender, status, they can all speak the same language in art. My job is to connect people together, expand the diversity in any design projects that I get a chance to be involved, embracing the differences.

Apart from designing, you can find me wandering around capturing the moment with my own lens, which is one of the ways to express my inner self and adapt to the beauty around me.

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