Huey Lam's Suits Rebranding

Redefine the standard of bespoke suits.

Company Background

Huey Lam Bespoke Suits is the newly operated tailor shop in Calgary, the owner, Huey, has a dry cleaning business for 10 years, doing the tailor inside his dry cleaning shop and decided to separate them at the end of 2019, therefore the birth of Huey Lam Suits. He would like to turn his business into an e- tailor shop, where customers could order their custom-made pieces from everywhere, no in-person appointment required. Even though it's not a modish concept, Huey wants to take a diverse direction and elevate the game, so I stepped in to assist with branding and website.


I. Define A Right Voice For A Brand

Huey Lam Bespoke’s Suits is not just a clothing store, they will provide you with made-to-measure custom suits that fit your body and lifestyle. The owner, Huey, is a talented tailor that has a decent selection of fabrics and patterns. His vision is to introduce an e-tailor service that delivers to customers products with more personal touches, elegant yet sustainable designs.

Custom-made-suits crafted by Huey’s talent

The values that set Huey Lam apart from his competitors are the devotion to each suit he makes and his excellent manner coming with pleasant customer service. As his reputation is growing rapidly in the Calgary area, Huey has planned to make a twist for his business: pivoting on retail but strongly focus on customer's fitting experience with reasonable price. Ordering made-to-measure clothing online is not a new concept, however, mass production is just the first approach to reach the potential customer and Huey aims to build his own identity in a unique way.


II. Refine The Appearance of Business

Being inspired by the Italian sense of style, Huey has infused his talent both in fabric selection and craftmanship into every suit he designed. While anchoring to proving the finest sartorial measuring sticks, the business hopes to immerse with the digital era where the shopping experience is simplified yet preserve the personal service.


I choose wordmark logo style as it's simple, elegant and the owner's brand itself has raved since a couple of years ago locally. Since the reputation is established, the logo just needs to be memorable, bold to stay on top of mind of the customer.

III. The restoration of the age of gentlemen and chilvary

A suit is one of the most complex and arguably important items in a man’s wardrobe. However, choosing the right tailor that knows to help you pull off properly is rare. A comfortable budget can give you a wide range of material and fabric selection and how well the pieces fit your body make your purchase worth. The values of Huey Lam are about the meticulously, right fit and customer satisfaction.

IV. Photography

Imagery should reflect the brand identity as they are the main channel to communicate with customers through the main website and social media. I'm also responsible for setting art direction, setup and shooting lookbook.